Named after the omnipotent queen of Kalinga, Karuvaki creates wearable fashion with sarees that are woven in tradition with a urban influence.

Created by two mothers, Kanta and Trisha, their intense passion for Odisha handloom wove the brand into reality.

They have been relentlessly working for the various weaver clusters of Odisha and building a sustainable brand for the last 3 years. After several shows and exhibitions across the country along with working with various Crafts Councils of different states, Karuvaki has made its presence felt with its first studio that opened its door at the very heart of Bhubaneswar (Acharya Vihar) on 13th october.

Their entire collection is on display for the festive season. Their collection is diverse ranging from berhampuris, sambalpuris and their speciality, the gopalpur tussar. They ensure to work with traditional motifs inspired by nature while working with contemporary colours.

With a clientele across the globe, Karuvaki is building a community to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Odisha through its diverse weaves.